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Married With Horses

Nov 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this episode with MWH we talk with the #1 Barrel Racer in the world heading into this years National Finals Rodeo, Hailey Kinsel. Along with her unicorn mount, Sister, Hailey has put together a pair of the greatest seasons professional rodeo has ever seen. This included a 2017 that saw her and Sister qualify to, win, and get a share of the $1million qualifier bonus at The American AND win a check in 8 rounds at the NFR with winnings totaling over $188,000 over the 10 days in Las Vegas. She didn’t slow down in 2018, winning San Antonio, Calgary, and so many more taking her to the #1 spot heading into the finals.

Hailey is not only a fantastic barrel racer, but a wonderful human. She shines out of the arena as much as she does in it. We talked a lot about how she came to be where she is today in the world of rodeo and barrel racing. We discussed her childhood, her time at Texas A&M, and the last couple of INCREDIBLE years on the rodeo road. We also discussed her WE CAN HELP organization that is a really cool charity organization that Hailey started in 2017. We talk a bit about her being mindful of using the platform barrel racing has given her to do positive things in the world. (Check the show notes in the blog for more details on this great charity!) 

Hailey is really easy to cheer for and we think you’ll agree. We hope you enjoy listening to her as much as we did talking to her. Thanks for joining us!

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