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Married With Horses

Feb 14, 2019

We’re really pumped to have had the chance to talk with one of the fittest men on the face of the planet, Sean Sweeney, the Crossfit Cowboy. Sean, from Fallon, Nevada, is a 2x competitor at the Crossfit Games, a Crossfit Games regional champ, grew up team roping and ranching, a US Navy Veteran, and just an overall good dude. A couple of weeks ago in Cape Town, South Africa, Sean won “The Fittest In Cape Town” Crossfit “Sanctional” event to qualify him for the 2019 CrossFit games that’s held every August now in Madison, WI. This is where the fittest humans on the planet come to compete to be crowned The Fittest Man/Woman on Earth. If you don’t believe me, go watch a few videos from the games, realize you can’t lift with two arms what they lift with one, and that it’ll probably kill a normal human to go at the pace and put in effort these ELITE athletes give all day, everyday for 4-5 straight days over the course of these competitions.

We talk about his upbringing on the ranch, his time in the Navy, and his transition from that to a Crossfit coach, gym owner, and Crossfit Games competitor. We discuss his mindset, his ability to overcome, and the importance of fitness. For you folks out there that practice Crossfit as your prescription to fitness, at the end of our conversation, Sean outlines for us a new (TERRIBLY DIFFICULT) WOD called COWBOY UP. All in all it was a great talk that was a bit of a change a pace from the rodeo athletes we’ve had previously. He’s a great guy that wish all the best to throughout the rest of this Crossfit season and into the 2019 Crossfit Games! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Thanks for listening!

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