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Married With Horses

Dec 21, 2020

Howdy! This episode is with the guest we’ve had on more than any other. It’s our favorite equine nutrition genius, Dr. Jyme Nichols from Bluebonnet Feeds and Stride Animal Health. On this episode we mainly discuss Stride’s new fantastic foregut product GASTRO PHIX! We’ve discussed a lot about hind gut issues (including leaky gut) in the past, but this time we focus on the foregut of your equine athlete. Gastro Phix officially drops the first of 2021, BUT by reading this and listening to our podcast YOU get the early release! You can go to and buy some today! Be sure to use checkout code MWH14 to get 5% off this amazing new supplement and ALL of your other Stride Animal Health supps! Thanks for listening! 

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