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Married With Horses

Apr 23, 2019

Hey there!

This was our first solo episode in a while (well, just the 2 of us). We talked about current events like Easter, the start of baseball season, the Notre Dame fire, social media, and other random things. We also answered a few questions about when to say when with a horse that isn’t working out, how old is...

Apr 19, 2019


This episode of Married With Horses is with Janet Staton. Last year Janet trained and jockeyed JS Milo and Stitch (owned by Jennifer Fite) to the most money won in a single futurity season EVER. Over $250k in one season on a 4yo horse… pretty amazing. Jackie and Janet have been around each other forever as we...

Apr 16, 2019


This episode of MwH is all about Cannabidiol, better known as CBD. We sat down with Samantha Oates of Kahm CBD (formally PlantaceaCBD) to talk about this amazing chemical found naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. We discuss the facts of CBD, talk about hemp, discuss the stigma behind it, and talk about...

Apr 12, 2019

Hey y’all!

This episode of Married With Horses is with barrel horse trainer, Craig Brooks. Craig has been successful in training and competing in the futurity world for many years. This Georgia cowboy has qualified for The American and this year made the shootout final-four round. He ended up 3rd against the best...

Apr 8, 2019

Hey Y’all! 

This episode of Married With Horses (which we recorded at Diamonds and Dirt 2019) is a really interesting one! We sat down and talked with Scott Campbell. Scott is an Equine Feed Specialist for Purina. Purina, being one of the oldest and largest animal feed companies on Earth, knows a thing or two about...