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Married With Horses

Oct 15, 2019


This episode of the podcast is with NFR qualifying barrel racer, Emily Miller. This Prairie Circuit cowgirl punched her ticket in 2019 with earnings up over $98k. This included being the WPRA’s top earner over the 4th of July run, better known as Cowboy Christmas. We discussed her journey in pro rodeo over the last few years that led her here including overcoming a near miss in the 2017 season. We discuss her incredible set of horses and her relationship with the amazing family of trainers that a majority of them came from. We talk about her family, including her fiancé Austin, and the role they played in her career. We also discuss her having another career as a dental hygienist and how she juggles that with a hectic rodeo schedule. It’s a great chat and I hope you guys enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed having it! Best of luck in Las Vegas, Emily! 

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    • Wichita Falls, Texas: October 25-27, 2019