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Married With Horses

Nov 19, 2018

Welcome Back!

In this episode we discuss the WCRA Semi-Finals at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, OK last weekend and what may lay ahead for this great new rodeo organization. We also discuss holiday plans for this week and other important things such as the tastiest traditional Thanksgiving dishes. We were also able to answer a couple questions from social media. Check the show notes on the blog for more details. Hope you enjoy it!

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  • Q&A:
    • Joni Muri (Current, Saskatchewan): I have a question unless it's been asked and answered already. I'm only on podcast 17 so not caught up yet. I have always trained my own horses. I do have someone else start them now but I take them over after 60-90 days. All my horses get a solid reining foundation on them before going to the barrel patch. One problem I have is taking off my training hat and putting on my jockey hat. How do you make that transition? I tend to babysit them too long and have trouble just letting them go do their job. Especially if I've been riding young ones for awhile and not running something seasoned. Any tips or suggestions. Keep up the great podcasts. Love them. Joni Muri Swift  
    • Amber Christine (Mansfield, Georgia):I have a question for the podcast. To feed or not to feed on the trailer? After a rodeo I normally let mine cool down then load up and feed everyone in the mangers on the way home? I have heard it was good, then heard it was bad. What are your thoughts?