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Married With Horses

Feb 13, 2019

This episode of Married With Horses is with the incomparable Amberley Snyder. Amberley is an amazing person with a unique, sometimes difficult, but certainly inspiring story. Amberley was in a truck rollover accident in January of 2010 injuring her back at T11-12 which left her paralyzed from the waste down. While it was undoubtedly tough at times, she’s persevered where many others would likely have given up or greatly altered their life course. Not Amberley. This was the beginning of a her new chapter. A fight that has continued for the last 9 years which has seen her overcome the initial expectation of doctors and once again compete in the sport she loves. RODEO. 

Amberley’s amazing story has now been turned into a movie! “Walk. Ride. Rodeo” will be released on Netflix on March 8, 2019. We talk a lot about the production of this during our conversation. We also discuss her wonderful family, her horses, her future goals, her unwavering mindset, and many of the other complexities of her life. She’s an absolute gem. We hope you enjoy this one!

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