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Married With Horses

Feb 21, 2019

It’s been about a week since we last released an episode due to the flu kicking our family in the face, but we came back with a vengeance. Well over 2 hours of a Q&A. Answering questions our listeners asked on social media. We talked about... you ready for this? Seriously, you may need to sit down, it’s a lot...

  • Tips for training a hotter horse
  • Thoughts on a feeding Program
  • Thoughts on buying grade prospects
  • Bringing a mare back to competition after foaling
  • If you could breed any 2 horses...
  • Tips for buddied up horses
  • Tips on income and rodeo
  • Barrel Racing Terms: Ratey (Push Style) vs Free Runner
  • Dealing with personal injuries and getting over them
  • Tips to deal with a spunky horse
  • Rodeoing in Canada
  • Jackie’s plan when starting colts.
  • Tips on progression of your rodeo dreams
  • Where’s Prince these days?
  • #1 Must-have in a prospect
  • Lane’s Favorite things about being married to a barrel racer
  • Headgear for a ducker
  • Discussion on our futurity horses and prospects
  • How did we (Lane and Jackie) meet?
  • J2 Clinic Discussion
  • The American Rodeo schedule
  • If you could work for ANY futurity trainer...
  • How to approach a possible mentor

I told you, it was A LOT! Something for everyone! Hope y’all enjoy it and find it insightful! Talk to you soon!

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